Blend: 100% Arabica - Roast: Medium Roast - Taste: Sweet - Aroma: Pleasant - Body: Fine & Mellow - Packing: 1 Kilogram

Gran Crema

Blend: 80% Arabica - Robusta: 20% - Roast: Medium to Dark - Taste: Well Balanced - Aroma: Rich and Sweet - Body: Good and Harmonic - Packing: 1 Kilogram

Espresso Classic

Blend: 60% Arabica - Robusta: 40% - Roast: Dark - Taste: Strong - Aroma: Sharp - Body: Full - Consistent - Packing: 1 Kilogram

Holy Land Blend 2

Same as Holy Land Blend 1, but darker roast with our secret herb catalyst agent. This blend is good enough for royal receptions, at affordable price !

Holy Land Blend 1

We are striving to perfect this blend. We seek richness and deepness in freshness and flavor. Every effort will be made to soak these coffee beans in the Mediterranean sun and the Jordan River climate .

Crema Blend

For those of you who are the adventurous type, why not delve into this exotic blend.. You might simply think of coffee in a whole new light... and aroma !

Classic Blend

If you love your coffee and seek the old fashion classical taste and richness, this blend is for you. Perfect for high-class restaurants and airline first class… and for super-class tasters like you !

Arabica Blend

This is our most popular blend. We are not sure why, as we are still torn between all our blends… if we can’t decide .. How can you? … but maybe you can smell it through your PC screen. It’s original.. It’s pure... And it’s plain good !

Taste Aromatic

125grs air-free pack, ground